Defend Against Accidents
Crime, Weather & More

Block ultraviolet rays, deter smash-and grab robberies, and prevent flying glass shards from causing injury do to violent storms.

Safety And Security
Window Film Benefits

When it comes to Safety and Security your windows are by far the most obvious concern for intrusion protection, flying debris, accidental damage to property or personnel due to broken glass.

Safety and security window film is designed so glass is shatter-resistant against extreme winds and storms.

Stands up to Mother Nature

Designed so glass is shatter-resistant against extreme winds and storms.

Safety and security window film reduces hazards such as shattered glass.

Reduce Hazards from Explosions

Security films reduce hazards by keeping shattered glass contained.

Safety and security window film helps criminals leave empty handed.

Leave Criminals Empty Handed

Shattered glass held together, deters and slows down thieves.

Safety and security window film is cost effective against vandalism,

Cost Effective Against Vandalism

Graffiti-free film more affordable to replace instead of the window or glass.

Safety and security window film provides protection against the sun's UV rays.

Provides Solar Protection

Block up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays and reduce building heat and glare.

Safety and security window film comes with a manufacturer's warranty.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Safety and security films are covered by a Manufacturer’s Warranty. For more information please ask.


Standard products are available in thicknesses ranging from 2-21 mil. These films are virtually impenetrable. The unique strength and durability of SunTek® Safety & Security Film is a result of an advanced adhesive formulation. When professionally applied to your interior windows, it provides a remarkably clear barrier of maximum protection. SunTek® offers protection from a variety of natural and man-made dangers, assuring your safety and your peace of mind.

  1. Designed for applications where safety and security is a priority
  2. Excellent solar performance, including heat and UV rejection, as well as glare reduction
  3. Superior optical clarity
  4. Advanced adhesive formulation
  5. Evaluation according to the following test methods/standards:
    • Small Missile Impact Test – ANSI Z-97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR 1201
    • Large Missile Impact Test & Cyclic Window Pressure Tests – ASTM E 1886-02/ASTM E 1996-03, Level C, 4.5lb 2″ x 4″
    • GSA Explosive Test – GSA-TS01-2003
    • Flame Spread and Smoke Developed Test – ASTM E-84