Solar Comfort Gets The Job
Done Right The First Time

Solar Comfort provides a broad range of window film brands. From industry leaders to SMB window film companies; Solar comfort makes it easy for customers to stay on budget and receive a quality product and service.

Solar Comfort

Our services are designed to provide and enhance people’s lives every day from the Residential and Commercial markets.

As a company we are focused on providing the Commercial and Residential markets with professional services ranging from Energy Conservation Solutions, Heat and Glare Reduction, Sunlight Redirecting Film, Privacy (OneWay Mirror / Black Out Films.. ect..), Decorative Films to include Design Concepts such as Frosted or Etched Glass Films and also Safety and Security Film Installation.

We install all the name brand Film such as 3M Fasara, Suntek, Solyx, and Madico to name a few and also, provide a platform for some lesser known but equally comparable film companies; making it easier for our clients to stay within budget without compromising quality.

In the industry as professionals for over 10 years we offer the knowledge and skill-set needed to get the job done right the first time. We are Licensed and Insured and are eager to carve out our portion of the market and become a staple within the Central Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

Thank you for looking into Solar Comfort for your Glass Tinting needs, we look forward to hearing from you!